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Exclusive property manager of Platinum Top 50
Exclusive property manager
of Platinum Top 50.


The most successful real estate agents in the industry all have one thing in common – FOCUS. One agent may sell a handful of higher-priced homes while another may sell a lot of lower-priced homes. Their businesses may focus on referrals, REOs or investments. It’s rare to see a successful agent who sells REOs and 2 million dollar homes at the same time. Agents who are serious about success understand that they must FOCUS on their strongest area and build their business around that strength.

As a broker I’ve worked in every aspect of the business. In 2008 I realized that I would never be successful if I tried to do everything! This realization allowed me to find Red Wagon Realty’s FOCUS – property management. We love it. We are the best at it. And we are investing in technology and resources that will allow us to continue to be the best, most efficient property management company in Texas.

The Agents' Dilemna

We love property management, but most agents find it frustrating and distracting. Unfortunately, they also find it necessary - an agent who doesn’t offer property management services will lose business, either to another agent who will or to a property management company who doesn’t respect the agent/owner relationship. Because of these risks many agents are forced to manage their clients’ properties but find that they are not equipped to handle the round-the-clock demands of property management.

Familiar problem? LET US SOLVE IT. You list your property for sale. We’ll list it for rent. If the property rents, we’ll manage it for you. We’ll give your client the best care and customer service, keeping them happy and satisfied. At the end of every lease, we will hand your client back – no strings attached.

Our Commitment

We commit to consistent and quality care for YOUR clients. Instead of “passed off”, we’ll make your clients feel “taken care of” until you can sell their property. We have systems in place to ensure that responsibility changes hands smoothly during this process. In addition, we are continuously investing in technology and resources to allow us to provide even better and more timely service.

We will never steal your clients.
We focus on property management so you can focus on real estate sales.
Let us help you retain your focus. 

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All agents requesting to be paid a commission for the leasing of a property must fill out and submit the TAR-2002 form and a W9. Please download these files, fill them out and e-mail them to msmith@redwagonproperties.com.

TAR-2002 Agreement Between Brokers for Residential Leases